435 Hamilton Street  
Allentown, Pa. 18101  
Thursday, June 2, 2022  
6:00 PM  
5th floor conference room  
Human Relations Commission  
Roll Call  
Present: Connie Santos, Hamp Smith, Latarsha Brown, Janet Morillo, Jean Raymond Hoffman, Ciera  
Villalobos, Tatiana Tooley, Louis Holzman, William Seng, Lindsay Ghattas, Nasheera Brown  
Excused: Shane Gill, Sukwon Lee  
Absent (not excused): Daniel Oden, Shane Reznick, Christopher Lebron, Breonna Allah  
Remarks from Chair: Question-are the unexcused, students? Tatiana informed that yes, they are and  
their terms end at end of this month. Will we recruit and does Outreach get involved? Nasheera offered  
to mention it as an upcoming student recognition night on June 9th. Recruitment to begin when school  
reopens in September. Agreement that Absentees must be tracked and calls and letters to be sent to  
frequent absentees. There are still 4 applications for new commissioners on the Mayor's desk. They  
will be forwarded to the Mayor's assistant to see if she is able to push them through. Lastly Jean  
expressed concern over a perceived “tension” in the room surrounding the executive meeting that  
occurred on May 19th. Several people were confused as to the agenda and the reasoning for the  
meeting. It was suggested after much discussion that the issue be tabled until both Sukwon and Shane  
were present.  
Approval of Minutes: Hamp Smith and seconded by Louis Holzman  
Banquet Committee: The committee has not met and will discuss the best time and date to meet. The  
Banquet is still on.  
Investigation Committee: Connie reports her current case is in progress and the plaintiff was emailed  
with additional questions.  
HRC Investigator: We have one proposal from the three lawyers that were interviewed. We would like  
to have three proposals in hand before voting. She will send out an email to the commissioners to  
solicit more candidates for this position. She also introduced a new case to be assigned. Latarsha  
motioned and Louis seconded to have case assigned to Connie Santos for review. It was decided to  
add to the agenda for July, new investigators.  
Outreach: Will remarked at how well the Landlord/tenant seminar went over and Tatiana informed that  
as a result of this seminar, North Penn Legal will be teaming with Magistrate, Linda Vega to resolve  
Landlord/tenant issues in her court district. We have several events on schedule. The first of these is,  
Juneteenth '22 Family Day to be held at Cedar Beach and Union terrace. We will be tabling. Set up is  
at 9 am. The event runs from 12-5 pm and volunteers are needed. Hamp agreed to help set up and a  
sign-up will be going out to fill the openings. Several additional events are on the schedule: July 31st is  
the PR Festival, National Night Out on August 2nd, Pride Fest on August 21st, and Dominican Fest  
August 28th. We were also reminded that we will be hosting the DEI training open to the public on June  
HRC Officer: Tatiana presented to the commission, as a reminder, that her and her staff's presence in  
this commission is to help and guide, not to do everything. She is passionate about her job and this  
commission and therefore consistently goes beyond the scope of duties i.e.: setting up the banquet last  
year and coordinating all of the outreach activities. Since this issue ties in with the executive meeting  
held on May 19th, this too will be tabled for further discussion when Shane is present.  
New Business: Will e-mailed us a calendar invite of all of our upcoming outreach events.  
Old Business: None  
Motion to adjourn: Will seconded by Latarsha