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Meeting Name: City Council Agenda status: Final
Meeting date/time: 1/4/2023 6:30 PM Minutes status: Final  
Meeting location: Council Chambers
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Minutes Minutes Accessible Minutes Accessible Minutes  
Meeting video: eComment: Not available  
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15-5596 1  DiscussionMs. Betty Cauler's Handout   Action details Not available
15-5574 1  DiscussionStatements for Reorganization   Action details Not available
15-5561 1  ResolutionR1 Authorizes a contract with Ferguson Enterprises LLC and LB Water Service, Inc. at the unit prices identified in the bid, for an estimated sum of $1,058,202.05 to supply storm sewer fittings on an as needed basis for the City and under Lehigh Valley Cooperative Purchasing Council (LVCPC), two bids. On October 14, 2022, the City advertised a solicitation for Storm sewer fittings, the intention of this Invitation to Bid is to secure vendors to supply storm sewer fittings to and for the City of Allentown as well as the Lehigh Valley Cooperative Purchasing Council (LVCPC). Work under this project shall include the furnishing, delivering, and unloading of all materials in accordance with the bid specifications. Term of contract or estimated completion date, subject to standard extensions. On November 14, 2022, there was a public opening held, two (2) bids were received. Upon review of the said bids, each was awarded various parts of the contract, as indicated in the Bid Tabulation. The Contract term shall commence on January 1, 2023 and shall cease on December 31, 2023. Upon writteapprovedPass Action details Video Video
15-5560 1  ResolutionR2 Authorization for Contract with Aspect Consulting Inc for $174,500.00 for developing and implementing an electronic reporting system for businesses to submit their annual local Neighborhood Improvement Zone (NIZ) forms to the City. The City advertised the solicitation on August 8, 2022, seeking a qualified firm to develop and implement an electronic reporting system for businesses to submit their annual local Neighborhood Improvement Zone (NIZ) forms to the City of Allentown. On September 6, 2022 public opening was held for which the City received three (3) proposals. The technical evaluation was held on September 16, 2022. All committee members were present. The Proposals were scored based on the RFP requirements, Ability to Meet RFP Requirements (10 Points), Firm’s Qualifications (25 Points), Project Plan (35 Points). Cost proposals were opened on September 16, 2022. Proposals were distributed to all committee members via Teams for evaluation after the completion of the technical evaluation. The cost evaluation committee meeting occurred on September 23, 2022. All commiapprovedPass Action details Video Video
15-5559 1  ResolutionR3 Authorizes Engagement of Professional Services with Pennoni Associates, Inc. for $6,000.00 for Lead Hazard Reduction Program contractors and local trades people with PADOLI/EPA approved lead paint hazard training. This is an informal quote and is below purchasing requirements, therefore only two (2) quotes were necessary. On or about March 18, 2022, the City sought to obtain quotes from qualified contractors in order to provide Lead Paint Training Courses for the City staff and Contractors. The first quote the City received was from Pennoni that includes 15 trainees. On or about March 22, 2022, the City received the second quote from Criterion Laboratories, Inc that includes 10 trainees. After review of both quotes the City decided to proceed with Pennoni as being the lowest quote for the number of trainees. Only two (2) quotes were required for this informal quote. This contract term shall commence upon the issuance of the PO. approvedPass Action details Video Video
15-5558 1  ResolutionR4 Authorizes Engagement of Professional Services with Allentown Economic Development Corporation in the amount of $20,000 for the administration of Enterprise Zone Loan Fund inclusive but not limited to, underwriting and loan services, 1 year, retro-active to January 1, 2023.approvedPass Action details Video Video
15-5557 1  ResolutionR5 Authorizes Engagement of Professional Services with Allentown Economic Development Corporation in the amount of $20,000 for administration of the City’s Economic Development Loan Fund, inclusive of but not limited to, underwriting servicing and loan closings, 1 year, retro-active to January 1, 2023approvedPass Action details Video Video
15-5571 1  MinutesNovember 30, 2022 Special Council Meeting MinutesapprovedPass Action details Video Video
15-5555 1  MinutesDecember 7, 2022 City Council Meeting MinutesapprovedPass Action details Video Video
15-5500 1  OrdinanceBill 91 Amending Part II: General Legislation/Fees Article VIII Parks and Recreation Fees § 270-58 Golf Course Fees, Chapter 270 Fees, by revising and establishing new fees for the Allentown Municipal Golf Course. approvedPass Action details Video Video
15-5493 1  OrdinanceBill 92 Amending the 2022 Capital Fund Budget to provide for a transfer of Three Hundred Forty-Four Thousand Six Hundred and Forty ($344,640.00) Dollars from numerous Capital Accounts to a newly created Capital Account to cover matching funds needed for the Green-Light-Go grant to install a traffic adaptive system along American Parkway/Basin Street from Susquehanna Street to Airport Road.approvedPass Action details Video Video
15-5494 1  OrdinanceBill 93 Amending the 2022 Capital Fund Budget to provide for an increase to the unappropriated balance of the Capital Fund in the amount of One Hundred Twenty-Nine Thousand Five Hundred and Ninety Six ($129,596.00) Dollars to fund the integration of an EOC into the training facility by providing state-of-the-art equipment which will ensure interoperability among all EOC users.approvedPass Action details Video Video
15-5495 1  OrdinanceBill 94 Amending the 2022 Capital Fund Budget to provide for a transfer of One Hundred Ten Thousand ($110,000.00) Dollars from Capital Account Traffic Signals-Upgrade Various (1225) to a newly created Capital Account for the match money needed to install the traffic adaptive system on Hanover Avenue from Albert Street to Wahneta Street.approvedPass Action details Video Video
15-5496 1  OrdinanceBill 95 Amending the 2022 Capital Fund Budget to provide for an increase of Six Hundred Fifty Thousand ($650,000) Dollars to the new Capital Project “Mack Blvd Lighting Upgrade”. These funds have been awarded as a MTF-DCED reimbursable grant to replace the old street lights on Mack Blvd. from Emmaus Ave. to Rail Road underpass with a new LED lights, new poles, foundation and wiring.approvedPass Action details Video Video
15-5497 1  OrdinanceBill 96 Amending the 2022 Capital Fund Budget to provide for a transfer of Fifty Thousand ($50,000.00) Dollars from Jordan Creek Greenway Trail Capital Project into the Parks Master Plan Capital Project to use for a grant match for the comprehensive plan.approvedPass Action details Video Video
15-5498 1  OrdinanceBill 97 Amending the 2022 Capital Fund Budget to provide for a transfer of Forty-Nine Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Dollars ($49,750.00) from Capital Account (1803) Bridge Repairs to Capital Account (1912) Traffic Signal Modernization to cover the remaining amount needed for the match funds of the MTF-PennDOT grant, which will be used to install traffic adaptive system on 15th Street from Tilghman Street to Highland Street. This grant will also cover installing a new school flasher at Trexler Middle School. approvedPass Action details Video Video
15-5501 1  ResolutionR6 Josh Novak, Board of Recreation, 2-20-2025   Action details Not available
15-5502 1  ResolutionR7 Alicia Conjour, Nuisance Abatement Board of Appeals, 4-19-2026   Action details Not available
15-5503 1  ResolutionR8 Nicholas Lynn, Sheet Metal Technician Board, 5-6-2024   Action details Not available
15-5504 1  ResolutionR9 Zachary Matthews, Allentown Housing Authority, 7-15-2026   Action details Not available
15-5505 1  ResolutionR10 Leroy Shankweiler, Jr., Building Code Board of Appeals, 1-1-2027   Action details Not available
15-5508 1  ResolutionR11 Michael Malarchik, Sheet Metal Technician Board, 5-6-2027 (Replacing William Dorwood as Chair)   Action details Not available
15-5546 1  ResolutionR12 Jose Delfi, Electricians Examining Board, 1-25-2025 (Electrical Inspector)   Action details Not available
15-5547 1  ResolutionR13 Ed Yarrish, Board of Ethics, 1-15-2025   Action details Not available
15-5548 1  ResolutionR14 Michael Blichar, Jr., Human Relations Commission, 12-31-2025   Action details Not available
15-5549 1  ResolutionR15 Louis Holzman, Blighted Property Review Committee, 1-1-2026   Action details Not available
15-5550 1  ResolutionR16 Oscar Ghasab, Blighted Property Review Committee, 1-1-2026   Action details Not available
15-5545 1  ResolutionR17 Certificate of Appropriateness for work in the Historic Districts: • 346 N. 8th St.    Action details Not available
15-5528 1  ResolutionR18 Sewage Planning Module at WIP Emaus Avenue Redevelopment   Action details Not available
15-5551 1  ResolutionR19 Sewage Planning Module for Neuweiler Brewery Mixed – Use Development at 401 N. Front Street   Action details Not available
15-5562 1  ResolutionR20 Appointment of Five Police Officers: Delgado, Michael – Allentown, PA; Santos Fernandez, Jesus – Allentown, PA; Nunez, Hector – Allentown, PA; Lovera, Jeremy – Allentown, PA; Klingman, Joshua – Allentown, PA approvedPass Action details Video Video
15-5567 1  ResolutionR21 Approves the Submission of the Action Plan to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development which is required for the City to reallocate $100,000 in funds currently not used to help Habitat for Humanity complete home repair projects on Cumberland Street. approvedPass Action details Video Video
15-5536 1  ResolutionR22 Approves four transfers: (1) $1,350,000 in Risk Management for medical, dental, and prescription shortfall; (2) $59,000 in Public Works – to purchase supplies and assist paying the remainder of the contract to King George; (3) $11,882.00 in Human Resources for a Benefit Focus Software shortfall; (4) $5,584.75 in CED for laptop computers for Planning and Zoning Staff. approvedPass Action details Video Video
15-5506 1  ResolutionR192 Authorizes lease agreement with Roger MacLean for the residential property located at 145 Springhouse Road, Allentown, PA 18104 approvedPass Action details Video Video
15-5507 1  ResolutionR193 Authorizes lease agreement with Lehigh University for the boathouse and boat ramp at Bucky Boyle Park, located at Chew and Front Street, Allentown, PA 18101. approvedPass Action details Video Video
15-5552 1  OrdinanceBill 1 Refer to Lehigh and Allentown Planning Commissions, and the Community and Economic Development Committee Amending the Zoning Code of the City of Allentown, Section 1319.07.B.5 of the Zoning Ordinance by allowing ‘entertainment venue signs” for structures that primarily provide for live entertainment uses for 500 or more customers at a time, currently allowed on buildings fronting Hamilton Street between 5th Street and 6th Street to include structures between 9th and 10th Streets.    Action details Video Video
15-5564 1  OrdinanceBill 2 Repealing and replacing Chapter 406, Administrative Code, Nuisance Abatement with procedures drawn from the Third-Class City Code.    Action details Video Video
15-5563 1  OrdinanceBill 3 Amending Part II General Legislation, Taxation, Article IV Payment of Property Taxes by updating the language in accordance with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Act 57   Action details Video Video
15-5566 1  ResolutionR23 Authorizes a land swap of City-owned land along Pump Place Road to 401 N. Front St, LLC in exchange for the dedicated and opened land along the eastern side of the Neuweiler Brewery lot, along the former railroad tracks, for the continued use as a right-of-way for Riverside Drive at the Waterfront.   Action details Video Video
15-5565 1  ResolutionR24 Authorizes the Administration to Enter a Land Swap with the Allentown Community Development Company to provide them with a second means of ingress/egress to the Penn Square Flats development and will serve to realign and improve existing access currently used by the City to access utilities and drainage facilities, provide stormwater drainage access needed by the City of Allentown’s Department of Public Works, and help preserve the steep slopes along Constitution Drive.   Action details Video Video
15-5572 1  ResolutionR25 Amends City Council adding and issues relating to inclusion and equity under the jurisdiction of the Community and Economic Development Committee   Action details Video Video