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Type: Board, Authority or Commission
Meeting location: Council Chambers

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July 2021

Jul, 2021

The Board purpose is to a public nuisance shall be deemed to exist whenever, through violation of any of the following provisions resulting from separate documented incidents at a building, structure, property or place, progressive point system for recurring violations at properties used for business, commercial, or industrial purposes that create penalties, sanctions and the closure of operations after successive violations to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the people of the City of Allentown. The Nuisance Abatement Board of Appeals shall consist of five (5) members- a member of City Council, a City employee from the Department of Community and Economic Development, a City employee from the Allentown Police Department, a private citizen owning a business with the City of Allentown, and a private citizen residing within the City of Allentown -who are nominated by the Mayor and the nominations are confirmed by the City Council. i. The initial terms of the members of the Nuisance Abatement Board of Appeals are as follows: a. City employee in the Department of Community and Economic Development- 4 years b. Member of City Council- 3 years c. City employee of the Allentown Police Department- 3 years d. Private citizens business owner- 2 years e. Private citizen resident- 2 years