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December 2022

Dec, 2022

The Water and Sewer (Lease and Operations) Compliance Review Board shall serve as an advisory body to the City’s Compliance Office, whose mandate includes direct oversight of the water and sewer lease concession to LCA. The Board shall review compliance issues as identified by the Compliance Office with the lease agreement, review reports issued by the water and sewer service provider and the Compliance Office, ensure that all applicable performance standards, water quality issues, customer service, capital programs, and maintenance issues covered under the lease agreement are met; and review other selected topics raised by the Board, Compliance Office, public, or vendor. The Board shall consist of five members. The members shall be the Chairs of City Council’s Public Works (who shall serve as Chair of the Board) and Budget and Finance Committees, two at large members appointed by the Mayor, and one non-governmental member appointed by City Council. The initial terms of the Mayor’s appointments shall be for a four year term and a two year term, and four years thereafter. The term of the City Council appointee shall be for two years serving during the two year cycle of council. The Chairs of the Council Committee’s shall serve during their respective tenure on the Committee. Term Limits: Appointed to 4 year terms